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Vibration of bowstring
HTML5 Canvas
The vibration of the bowstring becomes it to tell the truth so.
Vibration of open tube
HTML5 Canvas
It is a transverse wave display of the fundamental vibration, the twice vibration, and three time vibration of an open tube as the compressional wave.
Vibration of closed pipe
It is a transverse wave display of the fundamental vibration, three time vibration, and five time vibration of the closed pipe as the compressional wave.
Doppler effect
HTML5 Canvas
The relation among "Wave length" at the ripple and that time when moving as Hagen originating the wave, "Speed of the object", and "Speed of sound" is shown.
Standing wave of sound


Two sound sources are at x=20 x=80, and a standing wave is formed between the sound sources.



GIF(1171 ×130)
You can see that the center is a standing wave node.
Interference of sound wave
GIF(935 ×935)

There is a standing wave between the sound sources, and the center is the node. You can see that the abdomen is moving a lot sideways.

You can see that the points on the vertical bisector between the sound sources gradually move greatly vertically, and dense and sparse alternate.

You can see that the points that cancel each other right next to each other are moving small sideways.

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