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Specific heat

 It has the heat because specific heat is heat necessary though the temperature of 1g in mass is raised at 1℃ and it has the image of one orange ball.
 Next, it understands from the idea orange and how many balls necessary to raise the temperature of 4g in mass at 3℃.
Charles's law

 When the temperature changes at 1℃, it leads from the image into which only 1/273 of the volumes of 0℃ changes to Charles's law.
Expansion of gas to vacuum

 The temperature might not change in the case to fall in temperature by the direction that partitions and does slide.
Heat pump

 It comes to expand the gas in a right room and to lower the temperature, and to compress the gas in a left room like heat's being drawn to the room from a right room to the left side because it is repeated to raise the temperature.
The first law of thermodynamics

 It thinks about the change in internal energy of the gas by "Is heat gotten?", "Is heat lost?", "Does internal energy increase because it is compressed and it works?", and "Does internal energy decrease to expand and to work outside?".
Pressure of gas

 It composes of the explanation of the theorem of Ticarats and Sampacata in three dimensions given to the frequency and the wall where the gas molecule (monatomic molecule) runs against a wall.

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