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Zinc, copper, and sulfuric acid

Because zinc Zn puts out the electron, it becomes an ion, it melts, and the electron is gotten, it becomes a hydrogen gas, it extracts, and copper is not changed into the hydrogen ion, it is zinc that the electron is lost and is oxidized easily.

Zinc ion, copper ion, and iron

Iron is put out the electron, becomes an ion, and melts, and when iron Fe and copper (2) ions Cu2 + exists together, the electron is gotten and extracted by copper (2) ion though doesn't change even if iron Fe and zinc ion Zn2 + exists together it.

Voltaic Cell

The Volta battery is put out the electron by zinc Zn, becomes an ion, and melts, and the hydrogen ion is gotten the electron, becomes a hydrogen gas, and is extracted.


Daniell cell

 Daniell cell is put out the electron by the difference of the ionization potential of zinc Zn and copper Cu by zinc, becomes an ion, and melts, and the copper ion gets and extracts the electron.
Lead accumulator

 As for the lead accumulator, both lead Pb becomes an anode in the cathode lead oxide PbO2, and becomes sulfuric acid lead PbSO4 by the electrical discharge.
Fuel cell

 When putting out the electron when hydrogen H2 that is the fuel passes the electrolyte film, uniting with oxygen O2, and becoming water H2O, the electron is received.
Solar battery

If light hits the semiconductor to which pn is connected, the hall and the electron appear, and it becomes a battery.

Electroanalysis of water

It is an explanation of electroanalysis of water with sulfuric acid H2SO4 and electroanalysis of water by sodium hydroxide NaOH.

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